Empowering new parents to prioritize vaccination.

The status of HepB vaccination in Florida stands on a knife’s edge. Just under 50% of infants were receiving their first dose within 24 hours of birth, a number that was inadequate to maintain immunity for future generations. The Florida Department of Health needed us to encourage new parents to prioritize vaccination. Starting at day one.

We saw an opportunity to tie the protective power of this vaccine to the promise of protection between parent and baby. Our solution takes audiences into the calm before the due date, through the nursery as our parent-to-be reflects on her relationship with her child.

Pregnant mother sitting in rocking chair.
Pregnant woman touching crib mobile.

Presenting the promise

Our use of a single shot immersed our audience in the experience, increasing the effectiveness of the pivotal moment when our subject breaks the fourth wall.

Mother cradling pregnant belly in baby's room.