Riverside Avondale Preservation Society
Updated identity gives RAP the flexibility to expand its mission through visual storytelling.

Riverside Avondale Preservation (RAP) needed a refreshed identity that spoke to its passion for historic preservation while reflecting its expanded mission to re-engage neighborhood residents and area businesses through public programming and other initiatives designed to unite the community.

Inspired by the historic neighborhood’s unique geographical and cultural identity, we developed a flexible branding system that incorporates some of the most recognizable elements from the natural and architectural landscape, allowing the organization to tell a variety of stories in an authentic visual language that is uniquely its own.

RAP primary logo
RAP logo alternatives
RAP pattern tiles
RAP lamp post designs
RAP stationery package

The graphic system’s built-in flexibility helps establish a cohesive brand architecture that unites RAP’s various programs through a singular identity.

RAP and RAM logos
RAP social media posts
RAP shirts