Bilingual campaign empowers parents and providers with the power to protect.
Despite effectively preventing outbreaks and nearly eradicating a long list of dangerous diseases, misinformation about the safety of vaccines has proliferated via social media, causing an alarming drop in vaccination rates. Meanwhile, outbreaks in other parts of the country demonstrated the urgent need to address what is fast becoming a public health crisis. Florida Department of Health contracted Brunet-García to develop a bilingual public information campaign, targeting parents and health care professionals alike, to help turn the tide and raise the vaccination rate in Florida.
The Power to Protect digital phone mockup

The Power to Protect is about empowering knowledge, prioritizing vaccination, and passing that protection on to our community and loved ones.

Power to Protect Posters
Power to Protect Posters
Power to Protect Posters
Power to Protect Posters

Bringing Health
into focus.

Visually, the campaign evokes strong emotions to communicate the gravity of the message, convey a sense of urgency, and encourage action. Strengthened from within, mosaic portraits depict children of all ages in powerful, confident poses as vaccines work behind the scenes to protect them from preventable diseases.

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The Power to Protect campaign aims to curtail feelings of fear and uncertainty by empowering parents and guardians with science-based information about vaccines. These #VaxFacts facilitate honest discussions between parents and healthcare providers, leading to more informed decisions concerning immunization.

Power to Protect Website
Power to Protect Style Guide
Power to Protect Style Guide

Moving the needle.

The campaign’s goal of increasing the percentage of fully vaccinated 2-year-olds, adolescents, and pregnant women required a robust, multi-channel bilingual media strategy. Our media mix focused heavily on TV and video ads with a significant emphasis on digital display, radio and digital audio complemented by social, search, print and YouTube advertising. Powered primarily by video placements, the benchmark-breaking results speak for themselves!

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Influence is power.

Social media influencers further boosted the campaign’s impact. By relating their personal experiences through 93 pieces of original content including blog posts and social media posts, they helped to empower their followers with the information to make informed decisions concerning vaccines.

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Protection for a lifetime.

Our fifth year of the campaign was a reminder of the importance of early vaccination for lifelong protection. We brought this idea to life by revisiting our initial talent from the campaign. By capturing the passage of time—from new babies to new life stages—we demonstrated lasting protection.


The combination of new photography and familiar brand elements created a natural evolution for the campaign.

Then and now photo of teenage girl
Then and now photo of little girl
Then and now photo of a little boy
Then and now photo of mother and child