The Risks of the Mix

Overdose deaths related to polysubstance use or mixing drugs continue to increase among young adults. We needed to help CDC sound the alarm on the risks of the mix to young people, an influential and particularly at risk audience. So we broke new visual ground to reach this predominantly-online audience.

Our solution pulled inspiration from viral social media clips, modern art, and even late night cartoons to create a new style of visual communication for CDC. Through fast-paced vibrant visuals, we personified the dangers of combining drugs with a mixed medium style that could stand alone and in a series.

Our bespoke style blended metaphors, stop-motion imagery, animation, and collage to stand out in the video feed. The unexpected pairing of medium and message created a disarming and persuasive experience.

We talked to our audience in a conversational tone covering the dangers of mixing drugs in a non-judgemental way.