Nationwide campaign encourages young people to stay home to stop the spread.

In partnership with MediaSavingLives, iHeartMedia, the #1 audio company in the U.S., asked Brunet-García to develop a nationwide PSA campaign that would support the CDC's efforts to communicate the importance of staying home to stop the spread of COVID-19 to reluctant or noncompliant 13- to 34-year-olds.

The “Don’t Stop” campaign reminds everyone that even though it may feel as if the world has stopped, we don’t have to stop singing, we don’t have to stop celebrating, we don’t have to stop creating, and we don’t have to stop connecting with each other, but we do have to stop the spread and figure out creative ways to do what we love.

Inspired by individual attempts to reclaim a sense of normalcy and purpose, we created a manifesto for thriving in the new normal. We capitalized on user-generated content of people carrying on despite the inconveniences of social isolation and set them to an upbeat anthem that reinforced our message.

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Our edgy yet responsible campaign tapped into the sentiment of an entire generation, engaging them to transform their challenges into an opportunity for optimism and inspiration.

Celebrities got involved as well, providing clips from living room concerts and new, self-produced content to encourage and inspire others to keep doing what they love safely from home.