Hispanic Culture Film Fest
Striking visuals represent hispanic culture and cinema

For its inaugural year, the Hispanic Culture Film Fest Jax needed a flexible identity. We created a dynamic logotype that became the main image in a poster series, empowering the new visual brand and acting as a bridge between cultures. The brand elements use bold, whimsical, raw visuals that are representative of Hispanic cultures. The poster series combines still photography with the logo in unexpected scenarios, inspiring the tagline “make a scene.”

hispanic film festival logo
HCFF-Business Card-Mockup-Web
HCFFJ-Final Posters-PRESS
HCFFJ-Final Posters-PRESS
HCFFJ-Final Posters-PRESS
HCFFJ T-shirt-Web
HCFFJ-Digital Mockup_sml
HCFFJ-Facebook Banner_Lens
HCFFJ-Facebook Banner_Pineapple