Bringing a transformative theater experience to light

Lumen Repertory Theatre was founded to explore universal truths of the human condition from the stage to the heart. Our role was to capture this mission and express it through a bold and suggestive visual system.

Theatre illuminates what is and what could be, and fills empty spaces with possibility. These themes inspired the stark use of contrast and shapes in our design. The logotype uses triangular angles of stage light beams as they cast directionally, capturing the illuminating and shadow as light drops off abruptly. Within the logo, these angular shapes reveal a hidden “M,” emulating the empty space waiting to be filled with art.

Two t-shirts with the Lumen logo on them.
The Lumen logo and the grid system showing how the elements align and are spaced.
The Lumen collateral showcased the brand elements on business cards, letterhead, and envelopes.

A simple but dynamic grid allowed our customized font to fill spaces as a masthead or expand to become background.

The grid has angled and straight lines that define spaces that become letterforms.
The custom Lumen font, Lumenos, has angles from the dynamic grid.

To build on the custom logo font we also created a customized typographic family in four different weights to fill existing headlines and specific characters with more contrast.

The Lumen tagline: "Be Moved" designed using the brand elements.
A bag decorated with the branded Lumen "M" and logo.
The Lumen website showcases the poster designs for their shows.

Through bright contrast, subversive imagery, and uncompromising language, we created an unmistakable branding system destined to stand above the landscape of cultural communications.

The poster for A Small Fire that shows a closed hand with the pinkie up with a flame on the tip.
The poster for Vincent shows an ear with multi-colored liquid coming out of it.
The Shakesbeer poster shows a overflowing beer mug with an upside down Shakespearean face in it.
The No Exit poster shows a glossy red mannequin head that's been halved and the inside of the the half shows a blue sky with clouds.
The Last Call poster shows a snowman hugging a straw on a snowglobe that's also a margarita glass.

The posters for the inaugural season distilled the essence of each play through simple yet powerful visual metaphors paired with stimulating messages.

A wall with Lumen poster on it.