Custom social imagery delivers important safety measures directly to the public.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Injury Prevention and Control’s (NCIPC) mission is to reduce the incidence, severity, and adverse outcomes of injury in the United States. NCIPC recently expanded their @CDCInjury social media efforts to include the general public in addition to their traditional audience of primarily healthcare providers and educators. We developed social media graphics for NCIPC to help them better deliver important safety messages to their new audience.

Shine a Light on Safety: Bring a flashlight when you go trick-or-treating so you can see and be seen.

We made injury prevention approachable through modern, friendly custom illustrations and motion GIFs that expanded upon NCIPC's existing brand elements and color palette.

National Pet Day
Combat Stress: Identifying Symptoms of Stress
Safe Holiday Travel: Plan Ahead
Random Acts of Kindness Day: Teach by Example
Resolve to Keep Them Safe
No Name-Calling Week: #KindnessInAction
Social media ad with an illustration of an elderly woman doing yoga. Stay Strong, Be Safe. Senior Citizen Day.
A social media ad that has a mother and daughter looking at a screen. Know how to spot cyberbullying as kids go #BackToSchool.
A father, son and dog playing with a ball. Happy Father's Day.
You can prevent sexual violence: Help promote healthy and respectful relationships.

We humanized the brand for the public by incorporating catchy lines that didn't sound like your typical government messaging and engaged with our audience by delivering relevant safety tips through tactics centered around seasonal, sometimes offbeat observances.

An elderly woman with flowers. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.
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