Family Promise of Jacksonville
Cardboard campaign drives homeless awareness home

Empathy drives engagement as well as community conversations about important issues. When Family Promise of Jacksonville, an interfaith network of churches that focuses on aiding homeless families, asked us to develop an awareness campaign while promoting their Cardboard City fundraiser, we created a large-scale sculpture that was the centerpiece of a larger multi-media campaign to bring the plight of homeless families out of the shadows and into the marketplace.

Graphic that reads: "The percentage of homeless families in the United States will rise 7% by 2013."
graphic that reads: "Thirty-six percent of the un sheltered homeless live in tents or cardboard boxes."
stacked cardboard boxes that read "home" in front of a skyline
stacked cardboard boxes that read "home" at night in an alley.
stacked cardboard boxes that spell "home" in front of a shopping center
stacked boxes that read: "home" in front of a shopping center
graphic with homeless facts
graphic that reads: "2 million additional American children will fall victim to the foreclosure crisis over the next two years."