HHS HIV PrEP “I’m Ready” Campaign
Personal PrEP stories encourage the next generation to take control of their sexual health.

Over 700,000 lives have been lost to HIV since 1981. Despite the availability of PrEP, a daily pill that prevents new HIV infections, only one in four people currently at risk for HIV use it. Brunet-García created the I’m Ready campaign to encourage the younger generation, particularly those in underserved communities, to take control of their personal health by participating in Ready, Set, PrEP, a program that provides free PrEP to people without prescription drug insurance who test negative for HIV.

The I’m Ready campaign captured real stories from real PrEP users, capitalizing on their own words to educate communities in need. The factual storytelling approach led with genuine, authentic messaging and honest, engaging portraits that resonated with the traditionally underrepresented demographics.

I'm Ready campaign logo

Through in-studio interviews and documentary-style videos, we captured first-person testimonials and extracted powerful, personal statements that spoke to the sense of empowerment and optimism experienced by real PrEP users.

Posters celebrating PrEP users
Posters celebrating PrEP users
Posters celebrating PrEP users
Posters celebrating PrEP users

Positive and inspirational quotes, rendered in custom calligraphy, distill the unique and powerful emotions that result from taking control of your personal health and the freedom to be who you are.

Social posts depicting PrEp users
Social post on an iPad
Social posts depicting PrEP users

Black and white portraits convey genuine emotions and present actual PrEP users as they want to be seen, reinforcing inclusion and representation of the communities hardest hit by HIV while fostering a sense of trust in a government campaign.

Lifestyle photography of proud PrEP users