Friends of Hemming Park
Beer Garden branding taps into spirit of the park

As part of its effort to reestablish historic Hemming Park as the epicenter of culture and commerce in downtown Jacksonville, the nonprofit group Friends of Hemming Park launched a Beer Garden, where guests can enjoy drinks and entertainment in the park. Brunet-García tapped into the spirit of the park to create a logo, messaging, signage, and collateral for the new beer garden. With a distinct identity that stands out from the happy hour crowd, the Hemming Park Beer Garden is now helping revitalize Jacksonville’s urban core one sip at a time.

Beer Garden coasters
sixpack carrier with the Beer Garden logo on it
sixpack carrier with the Beer Garden logo on it
logo-beer-garden copy
Shirts, hat and armband with the Beer Garden logo on them
hemming poster2
hemming poster
hemming poster1