Cancer treatment hospital harnesses the healing power of art.

To commemorate the opening of Baptist MD Anderson’s new state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility, BMDA commissioned us to write and design a deluxe, limited edition hardcover art book that showcases its world class collection of contemporary art and expounds upon the innovative, interdisciplinary collaboration that took place in designing the very building itself.

Stack of hardcover art books
The Art of Healing book cover with and without dust jacket

To properly convey the magnitude of the innovation behind this groundbreaking new facility, we centered the book’s narrative around the symbiotic relationship between the art collection and the design of the building. Through a series of essays, interviews and personal reactions, the book deftly demonstrates the intense consideration and care that went into designing a facility with the patient journey in mind. Focused on how art and the way it is experienced can positively affect the healing process, the Art of Healing positions the facility as a new model for evidence based institutional design.

Open book showing chapter 02 - Art & Healing
Open book showing chapter 03 - Major Works
Open book showing chapter 04 - Collection
Open book showing chapter 05 - Gratitude

Each chapter in the book is color-coded to correspond with one of the many shades of cancer awareness ribbons while the book’s cover features a piece of art that encapsulates them all.

Spread of art from book focusing on "The Circle"
Spread of book displaying "Nested"
Spread of book displaying "And Still I Rise"

Special attention was paid to the stories behind the five major sculptural pieces commissioned exclusively for the BMDA collection by documenting their conception, creation, and installation.

Spread focusing on the work of Valeria Yamamoto
Spread from the book displaying photos of a cloudy blue sky over the tops of trees
Spread of the book displaying the work of David Engdahl

High quality photography and copious white space showcase each piece of art in its best light, allowing anyone to experience the transformational power of the world-class collection.

Spread of the book displaying the work of Susan Ober
Spread of the book focusing on the healing power of art
Spread of the book displaying the foreword
Spread of the book displaying the work of Erin Kendrick
Spread of the book thanking donors with a heartfelt photo of a cancer survivor embraced by her husband

Every detail from the modern visual style to the textured paper was selected to infuse the book with humanity and understanding through art.