Integrated campaign communicates E-Verify as a trusted verification partner.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, an agency of the Department of Homeland Security, selected us to raise awareness of E-Verify as the business community’s partner in ensuring a verified workforce. After a detailed analysis of the E-Verify program, we developed a comprehensive outreach plan targeting small businesses, federal contractors, human resources professionals, and job seekers. The plan provided fresh and succinct messaging through a new creative direction that helped navigate the changing landscape of the program.

In order to raise awareness of E-Verify as a trusted solution, we helped define a unified message platform across all audience touchpoints.

Message platform
E-Verify Campaign Web Photo
E-Verify Campaign_Icons

We created a cohesive visual language centered around a branded E-Verify check mark which extended to all creative assets and developed strategic messaging to drive awareness of E-Verify’s benefits, use, and functionality.

E-Verify Social-01
E-Verify Social-03
E-Verify Social-02
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The brand was brought to life through a diverse range of videos, including technical how-to videos, an animation featuring the benefits of the system, and a series of live-action vignettes, featuring diverse small business stories.

We placed full-page ads in national publications; digital ads on business, travel, and financial websites; social posts on Facebook and Twitter; and paid search ads that put E-Verify at the top of the page. E-Verify was one of the first government agencies to run a sponsored listening program on Pandora with spectacular results. Our work drove traffic to a redesigned website that highlighted E-Verify’s benefits and platform modernizations resulting in an impressive boost in enrollment.


E-Verify Small Business Benefits Commercial

E-Verify Benefits Explainer

After establishing the checkmark as the cornerstone of the brand’s visual identity, we developed a three-dimensional version of the iconic brand element to enhance visual interest as it integrates directly into realistic environments, illustrating how E-Verify empowers America’s employers and workforce alike.

E-Verify Alabama Poster
E-Verify South Carolina Poster
E-Verify Web and Mobile Mockup
E-Verify Outdoor Board
E-Verify Bus Stop Poster