Consumer education campaign clarifies confounding credit questions.

In response to public confusion and mistrust after several recent credit monitoring data breaches and scams, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the consumer protection arm of the United States government, developed an online educational article to increase public knowledge concerning credit. They hired Brunet-Garcia to enhance the article with dynamic illustrations and create attractive, intriguing digital ads to promote it.

The topic of credit is already a perplexing one for many Americans trying to build credit for the first time or dig themselves out of financial trouble. In our Credit Matters campaign, we addressed the fundamental questions consumers have (but may be too afraid or embarrassed to ask) and leveraged simplicity to demystify this confounding landscape.

FTC Grow Good Credit illustration
Who looks at my credit history?
Why do I need to check my credit report?
What if I find a problem on my credit report?
¿Debo congelar mi crédito?
¿Cómo me afecta mi puntaje de crédito?
¿Necesito vigilar mi crédito?
FTC ads mocked up onto phone screens

Metaphorical monoline drawings bring clarity and understanding to important credit topics while our digital ads echoed frequently asked credit questions in an eye-catching but minimalist type treatment.

Grow Good Credit
Credit Zones
Freeze Out Fraud
FTC Icons-01
FTC Icons-02
FTC Icons-03
FTC Icons-04
FTC Icons-05
FTC Icons-06

The campaign succeeded in drawing significant attention to the article, shattering government benchmark metrics and most importantly, educating thousands of Americans on important Credit Matters.

Digital Display Click-Through Rate: 3 times higher than government benchmarks