Revealing the heart behind the National ALS Registry

There is no known cure for ALS. Yet. As part of this quest, the National ALS Registry connects people living with ALS with the opportunity to contribute to research and the search for answers through their information and stories.

To showcase the importance of participation and prioritization of the Registry, we led with the human impact of the research through the story of Brad Dusek, a former NFL linebacker living with ALS, and how his fighting spirit—along with the Registry and support team—have helped him take on his toughest opponent yet.

Brad Duslek smiles.
Brad Duslek's Super Bowl ring.

Authentic Humanity

Filming at the Dusek family home allowed us to capture Brad’s relentless determination, embodied by the memorabilia of a lifetime of football.

Brad Dusek drives his wheelchair across a field on his farm.
Brad Dusek drives his wheelchair into his barn to see his grandchildren.

The Road Ahead

The Texas countryside served as both a physical representation of the circumstances that shaped Brad’s fight, and a metaphorical representation of the journey towards a better understanding of ALS.

Brad Duslek watches his grandchildren play at his farm.