Department of Homeland Security
Be Cyber Smart campaign encourages millennials to be smart about online presence.

Each year, cyber attacks inflict damage on consumers and small businesses, and many Americans do not have an appropriate understanding of the threats they face. Brunet-Garcia contracted with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to conduct market research, establishing millennials as the primary target audience and developing the Be Cyber Smart campaign. By incorporating disruptive content - in the form of viral YouTube videos - into fast-paced PSAs, an energetic, young scientist runs “experiments” that emphasize password safety, Wi-Fi security, social media best practices, and the importance of app software updates. Nine :15 videos took advantage of social media and pre-roll advertisement opportunities while keeping the campaign fresh.

#Be Cyber Smart Powered By DHS

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Educating with fun instead of fear.

The paid media approach utilizes a mix of media tactics to break through the digital clutter, running ads on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and mobile websites. With this campaign launch, DHS also became the first government agency to utilize Pandora sponsored listening – a full hour of content with 100% share of voice. Each PSA teases to a microsite, developed and designed to bring the website to life within the DHS framework. The site features information about common scams, statistics, cyber lessons, and the full set of campaign videos.

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