Clever packaging sets the stage for fundraising.

Dedicated to retaining a high level of theatre talent in Northeast Florida, STAGE Fund compensates aspiring theatre professionals for their participation in local productions. For a recent fundraiser, they partnered with Manifest Distilling to release a five-bottle box set of craft spirits. We worked with the organization to come up with a theme for the project based on commedia dell’arte, a style of classic Italian theatre popular during the 16-18th centuries that used archetypal masked characters to tell stories and provide social commentary disguised as entertainment.

Commedia Dell'Arte Box Set
Commedia Dell'Arte Bottle Set
Innamorata Illustration and bottle design
Capitano Illustration and bottle design
Signora Illustration and bottle design
Pantalone Illustration and bottle design
Arlecchino Illustration and bottle design

Behind the masks.

To bring the concept to life, we personified each spirit by associating it with an iconic character. Five local artists—Elena Ohlander, Searing Limb, Hiromi Moneyhun, Chris Clark, and Cody William Wicker—contributed an illustrated interpretation for the labels, which we designed so that as the bottle’s contents are consumed, the identities initially obscured behind the masks gradually reveal themselves. Resembling a stage, the custom packaging provides the context necessary to tell the rest of the story.

Bottles lying on their sides
Back of box set