Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Bilingual campaign empowers the unbanked to take control of their finances.

Having a bank account offers many benefits for individuals and families, allowing them to safely store and manage their money, establish a credit history, and obtain more favorable credit terms; yet 20% of U.S. households remain underbanked with an additional 7% operating completely outside the mainstream financial system. The FDIC engaged Brunet-García to develop a campaign that would encourage audiences to open and use bank accounts.

Unbanked and underbanked consumers often resort to suboptimal methods when it comes to how they access, store, send, and spend their money. To highlight the advantages of bank accounts, we first identified the alternative methods people use to manage their money, then presented a “better way” by showcasing the tangible benefits of using a bank account to accomplish the same tasks faster, cheaper and more securely.


We combined light-hearted scenarios with hand-drawn illustrations to make the idea of acquiring a bank account more approachable and appealing.


Expressive photography helped capture the contrast between the frustrating struggle of being unbanked with the relief that comes from knowing your money is safe, secure, and at your disposal 24/7.